How to connect HiBob to Setyl


Setyl’s integration with HiBob ensures the most seamless on & off boarding for your organisation. The connection can sync employee email, name, photo, job title, join date, leave date, phone number, address, employee ID, department, location and legal entity.

Setyl allows integrations with multiple packages simultaneously.

Connecting HiBob

Ensure that you have access to Settings > Integrations within the Setyl platform. You have to be the role of "Manager" or "Owner".

First create the connection in HiBob:

1. Log in to HiBob in a new tab

Note: You must be a HiBob Admin

2. Click on your avatar in the top right hand of your screen

3. Select “API Access”

4. Click “Generate token”

5. Within “Approved scopes”, you must tick the following 2 boxes:

  • “Full employee read”
  • “Employee fields read”

6. Click on the orange “COPY TOKEN” button

7. Click “Save”. You must "Save" for the connection to be enabled.

Now head back to the Setyl platform:

1. Find the “HiBob (direct)” integration within Settings > Integrations

2. Click "Connect" > “Configure”

3. Paste the HiBob “COPY TOKEN” into the prompted “API key” field

4. Select “Save & Connect”

5. Return to the Integrations page and click on the 3 dots > “Configure Data Mapping”

6. Here map the fields that you want to be pulled in from HiBob

Note: If your organisation has multiple connections, in the drop-down list you can choose which integration you wish to pull each field from

7. Click “Save & Connect” when you have finished mapping the fields

8. Data from HiBob will automatically begin populating into Setyl.

Note: This may take several hours to complete depending on the size of your organisation.

Please reach out to our team via the Live Chat or if you cannot view the list of HR package integrations.

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