Setyl Asset Labels

  • Highly durable ​p​olypropylene labels​ with a high-tack rubber adhesive
  • Pre-printed unique QR codes​ - we never print the same code twice!
  • Scan with ​a phone to ​access your​ device's​ ​profile on ​Setyl
  • Operating temperature range of -40°C /-40°F ​to 70°C / 158°F
  • 1.5cm x 3.0cm

How it works

mackbook with setyl label
Step 1
Stick the label on anything you want to keep track of
setyl devices
Step 2
Use your phone to scan the QR code, or type[code] into the browser
assets in app
Step 3
Click on ‘Add new device’ or assign the Asset ID to an existing device

Highly durable
​p​olypropylene labels


Pre-printed unique
QR codes


Setyl's asset labels stick to any surface


Scan the QR code to access your device's Setyl profile

label and iphone

Be organised. Save money. Get Setyl'd