About Setyl

Gain full visibility and control over your IT assets, licenses, usage and spend in one place with Setyl: The complete IT management platform

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What is Setyl?

Setyl is a cloud-based IT management platform, which integrates into your existing IT landscape.

The platform allows you to have full visibility and control over your IT assets, software applications, licenses, assigned users, vendors and spend in one place.

Use Setyl to track hardware across locations and employees, get reminders when subscriptions are due to renew, improve onboarding and offboarding processes, identify and analyze IT spend, stay compliant, and much more.

The user-friendly interface requires little to no learning curve, making it easy to use and to collaborate with people across your organization.

Why use Setyl?

Streamline and scale your IT operations
Eliminate wasted IT spend
Safeguard against compliance and audit risks

Our story

Setyl’s Founders stumbled on the same problem across every business they had worked in: no one had an effective way to manage IT equipment and licenses.

And the more they spoke to other professionals and organizations, the more widespread they realized the problem was — even for those with an existing enterprise tool in place.

There was the ex-employee of a major bank who still had his old company laptop, tucked away at the back of his wardrobe, because it was never requested back… There was the startup that didn’t know what IT assets it owned when it came to being acquired… There was the company that spent $30k a year on a subscription that no one was using, because no one was tracking it… Or even the IT manager who needed a four-day course to learn how to use an overly-complex IT management enterprise software, and was therefore using a spreadsheet as a tracker instead.

With hardware and software tallying up to thousands of dollars per employee per year, combined with data security risks and operational inefficiencies, the impact of ineffective tracking on an organization’s bottom line is substantial.

Setyl was built to address these issues, by giving teams a dedicated, centralized IT management platform that’s easy to use by anyone in the organization.

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