How Banked reduced SaaS spend by 25% and stays audit-ready with Setyl

Fintech company Banked initially implemented Setyl to streamline its IT asset management, ensuring compliance with its banking partners’ strict security audits. But it was its subsequent adoption of Setyl’s software management capabilities that also led to substantial cost savings.

How Setyl helps Camphill Communities of Ireland strengthen its traceability of assets

Camphill Communities of Ireland began using Setyl to keep track of all its assets. In light of this transformation, devices like chargers stopped disappearing, and overall efficiency improved throughout the organization.

How Setyl helped FreedomWay Trucks save time to focus on priority tasks

FreedomWay Trucks started using Setyl to manage hardware assets and software licenses. In the wake of this change, they now have a single source of truth around assets and licenses which has freed up time for critical tasks.

How Setyl optimized First Light's employee onboarding process

First Light started using Setyl to move away from unorganized spreadsheets. Following this transition, the employee experience underwent a significant transformation with streamlined processes and reduced administrative burden.

How Simultech IT used Setyl to transform its client support packages and scale up its business

Simultech IT used Setyl to solve its asset management challenges. Since then, Setyl has become an integral part of the service they provide to their clients, and a constructive partnership has evolved.

Simplify your ITAM with Setyl

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