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Harnessing efficiency: How Setyl optimized First Light's onboarding process

First Light started using Setyl to move away from unorganized spreadsheets. Following this transition, the employee experience underwent a significant transformation with streamlined processes and reduced administrative burden.

Harnessing efficiency: How Setyl optimized First Light's onboarding process

The context

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Devon, UK
Harnessing efficiency: How Setyl optimized First Light's onboarding process
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Use case
Asset management and asset tracking

First Light is a charity for anyone who is experiencing or has experienced domestic abuse or sexual violence. Covering regions from Devon, Cornwall, and the Isles of Scilly to Swindon and Wiltshire, and extending support across England and Wales, they tirelessly strive to assist those in need. Setyl has revolutionized their onboarding process, creating a seamless and efficient experience for new joiners.

Before Setyl

First Light was struggling with a dated method of using Excel spreadsheets to keep tabs on asset possession and condition. Every so often, they'd hit a snag—believing a laptop was with one person when due to an outdated spreadsheet, in fact, it was with someone else. 

As a result, they found themselves having to play detective, chasing people down to find out who had what and where things were. Not only was this process time-consuming, but it was also a drain on resources and led to avoidable costs.

This outdated method also put a bump in the road for new joiners or leavers. The process was not smooth and sometimes felt more like a treasure hunt than onboarding or offboarding. They knew something had to change, which is when they turned to Setyl.

“For the longest time, we'd been using Excel spreadsheets as a means to log our assets... We were running into brick walls every now and again. We turned to Setyl, and it really has made a world of difference.”

The solution

During a period of significant expansion, First Light found themselves having to provide essential equipment - laptops, mobile phones, and other devices - to a substantial influx of new staff members. The count of individual pieces rapidly increased, reaching between 50 to 60 items, which had the potential to become a huge organizational challenge. 

Setyl brought order to the potential chaos. Utilizing smart asset labels and providing robust online support, Setyl helped to transition the process to a streamlined, manageable operation. Thanks to Setyl, First Light was able to efficiently manage the considerable increase in equipment and staff and enhance operational efficiency.

The results

User-friendly design

A critical part of the success of Setyl's solution was its user-friendly design. Team members were quick to share how effortless the process felt, with a notable absence of confusion about equipment ownership. The reason was simple: Setyl's smart asset labels. 

These labels made it straightforward to identify who an item belonged to. Rather than leaving equipment adrift and employees scratching their heads, all that was needed was a simple scan of the label. This user-friendly feature didn't just save time and eliminate confusion - it added another level of simplicity and intuitiveness to the process.

Streamlined employee experience

The effectiveness of Setyl's solution resonated with the staff, with many team members reporting how smooth their onboarding experience was. Setyl did not just simplify the process; it reshaped the experience for everyone involved. 

A well-orchestrated and streamlined onboarding process sends a powerful message to new hires. It tells them they're joining an organization that is well-organized, values efficiency, and cares about their experience from day one. This first impression fosters a sense of trust and confidence in the organization, promoting higher job satisfaction, stronger commitment, and ultimately contributing to improved retention rates.

Lighter administrative burden

One of the standout outcomes was the significant reduction in administrative load. No longer did First Light's team have to play detective with asset tracking or manage unwieldy spreadsheets. With Setyl, asset tracking became effortless, allowing the team to refocus their energy on what truly matters - their core mission. 

The results were immediate and impactful. Less time spent on administrative tasks means more time devoted to driving the organization's initiatives forward. By lightening the operational load, Setyl not only created a more efficient environment but also helped foster a more engaged and productive team.

“It really has changed the way in which I can do my job. I have so much more time and energy for other things that really demand immediate action.”

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