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How Setyl Helped FreedomWay Trucks Save Time to Focus on Priority Tasks

FreedomWay Trucks started using Setyl to manage its hardware assets and software licenses. In the wake of this change, they now have a single source of truth around assets and licenses which has freed up time for critical tasks.

How Setyl Helped FreedomWay Trucks Save Time to Focus on Priority Tasks

The Background

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Mississippi, US
How Setyl Helped FreedomWay Trucks Save Time to Focus on Priority Tasks
Truck Transportation
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Use case
Asset management and asset tracking

FreedomWay Trucks, a family-owned business in Mississippi, provides sleeper trucks from brands like Freightliner, Kenworth, and Volvo. Their reach extends throughout the South and beyond. They cater specifically to the owner-operator market, offering truck sales and rentals, and always ensure high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

FreedomWay Trucks was having trouble managing its hardware assets and software licenses. The fact that employees sometimes worked from home or on-site at various locations only made the issue worse. 

Until using Setyl, FreedomWay Trucks had used multiple sources to manage this information, but it was easy to make mistakes. It was also hard to quickly see who was using what hardware or software at any given time. 

This disjointed system was not just inconvenient, it was also costing the company valuable time and money as they had to rummage around various sources of information to manually track and manage their assets.

The Solution

To get to a single source of truth around assets and licenses, FreedomWay Trucks turned to  Setyl to manage its tracking performance and to give the company full visibility into who was using what. 

The solution provided a unified platform for managing all of FreedomWay Trucks' licenses, available to view whether employees worked remotely or on-site. This streamlined system made it easier to avoid errors and to find crucial information. 

Setyl empowered FreedomWay Trucks to drastically cut down the time devoted to asset tracking and management. This has freed employees from time-consuming administrative tasks, allowing them to focus their energy on more critical, high-priority work instead.

“It's just amazing to be able to track everything so easily and so efficiently.”

The Results

Easy onboarding

FreedomWay Trucks found the onboarding process simple, making the transition smooth and painless. One of the critical benefits they quickly identified was the ability to connect Setyl to Google Workspace effortlessly. 

This integration allowed for seamless synchronization and optimized their existing workflows. Uploading their user data into the new system was straightforward, showing its user-friendly nature.

Freed up time for critical tasks

Setyl saved staff considerable time, allowing them to focus on other critical tasks that need attention. This also means that the company as a whole can operate more efficiently. 

Though asset and license management might not always seem important, it becomes the most critical thing when things aren't running smoothly. With Setyl, FreedomWay Trucks can ensure that potential issues are dealt with before they become problems.

Cost savings

Setyl is  a low-cost solution that delivers high value. By having a clear picture of what they have and being able to track their assets effectively, FreedomWay Trucks has saved between $1,000 to $10,000 each year – all for a low monthly fee. 

That’s not including the value that time savings has created via directing employees away from low-value to high-value work – just by being able to quickly view what they have and locate it in an accessible way makes a world of difference.

“Any time we have to work from home or on location, Setyl enables me to know exactly what hardware is where at any given time. I love that I can look at all of my hardware and all of my licenses under one source.”

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