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How Setyl Helps Camphill Communities Of Ireland Strengthen Its Traceability Of Assets

Camphill Communities of Ireland began using Setyl to keep track of all their assets. In light of this transformation, devices such as chargers didn't disappear any longer and improved efficiency was seen across the organization.

How Setyl Helps Camphill Communities Of Ireland Strengthen Its Traceability Of Assets

The Background

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Naas, Ireland
How Setyl Helps Camphill Communities Of Ireland Strengthen Its Traceability Of Assets
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Asset management and asset tracking

Camphill Communities of Ireland is part of an international movement working with people with intellectual disabilities and other kinds of special needs. With over 14 locations in Ireland, a national office and a vast number of assets to look after, Setyl helps build in more control over its existing assets. We spoke to Pawel Tomal, Interim IT Lead, about how Setyl helped them build a full asset inventory and monitor hardware throughout the lifecycle.

The Challenge

Keeping track of the number of assets was a problem at Camphill Communities of Ireland. They found it quite challenging to trace back items, frequently ending up with incomplete sets, such as power supplies, cables, docking stations or screens missing from the inventory – which started causing a bit of a headache. 

As a result, they were looking for a solution that would enable them to get better control and visibility over their technology assets. This improved control would help with timely maintenance, replacement, and procurement.

The ability to pinpoint the exact location and status of every piece of equipment in real time would offer them greater operational efficiency and cost control, helping them avoid unnecessary purchases and last-minute scrambles for missing equipment.

“I needed something that would allow me to have full control and scalability of our assets and deploy them in a simple and unified way.”

The Solution

Setyl primarily offered the organisation a way to streamline its inventory completely. Thanks to Setyl's elegant and well-designed user interface, they could swiftly and easily match their users with their assets, assign these assets, and label them. This gave them a broad view and transparency over their assets across the entire organisation, in all departments and locations.

“Setyl brings a lovely traceability to the organisation, especially since we are a charity and for us, every penny counts.”

When employees left, Camphill Communities of Ireland could now see them on the offboarding panel and identify the devices that needed to be returned. This greatly improved traceability within the organisation—a significant boon, especially considering their status as a charity where every penny matters.

The Results

Easy to immediately integrate

Camphill Communities of Ireland found the process simple and intuitive when it came to bringing Setyl into their organisation. They could hand over the reins to their managers and people across different departments, who could get stuck in without needing a crash course first. 

When Setyl was first introduced to most of their managers, the reaction was a collective 'Wow!'. The simplicity of it all—deploying networks, assigning equipment to people, a quick scan of a QR code—was all incredibly seamless. 

Exceptional customer service

While the Setyl team was there to help with technological expertise, it was their exceptional client service that really made the difference. Camphill Communities of Ireland found the Setyl team helpful and responsive – always ready to lend an ear, swift to respond, and willing to take on board their feedback, making them feel truly heard and valued as a client.

It was Setyl’s unwavering commitment to understanding and addressing Camphill Communities of Ireland’s unique needs that made them an exceptional partner.

“I have already recommended Setyl to other companies: friendliness, usability, there are tons of positive things about Setyl that I would highly recommend.”

Improved efficiency 

Not only did missing chargers or power supplies stop happening, but the charity built a much more robust asset inventory system – which boosted efficiency, improved transparency, and ensured that every single asset was accounted for, contributing to significant cost savings in the long run.

No longer were team members wasting valuable time hunting for missing items or manually tracking equipment. The new system streamlined these processes, ultimately freeing up staff time for more mission-critical tasks.

Ultimately, the benefits of this system extended beyond the day-to-day operations. In the long run, it significantly contributed to cost savings for the charity. The efficiency and transparency of the new system helped in better planning and budgeting for asset procurement and maintenance, ensuring the best use of resources.

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