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How Simultech Used Setyl To Transform Their Client Support Packages And Scale Up Their Business

Simultech employed Setyl to solve their asset management challenges. Since then, Setyl has become an integral part of the service they provide to their clients, and a constructive partnership has evolved.

How Simultech Used Setyl To Transform Their Client Support Packages And Scale Up Their Business

The Background

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London, UK
How Simultech Used Setyl To Transform Their Client Support Packages And Scale Up Their Business
IT Services and IT Consulting
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Use case
Asset management and asset tracking

Simultech is an IT strategy and support service, formed in 2015.

The solutions Simultech offer include help desk support, cloud migration strategies, IT security and relocation, serving clients in the financial and legal sectors. Demand for their services rose over the course of the pandemic, as the joint challenges of social distancing and remote and hybrid work environments stretched normal working capacities. In response, Simultech developed a new service, called Deploy and Dispatch, for the procurement, configuration and dispatch of equipment to office and remote based staff.

The Challenge

  • Support rapid growth of the business
  • Manage the procurement and deployment of hardware for clients based across the UK and overseas
  • Adhere to compliance requirements relating to the tracking of assets

Bharat explained that the most challenging issue was dealing with business growth, struggling to put processes in place with only a small team to lean on. That, and it is “always a challenge managing hardware”, particularly for clients that are less tech-savvy. While compliance is covered from an IT security perspective, when it comes to assets, it’s usually forgotten about.

“A lot of companies are not sure what they’ve got in terms of assets; they’re using lots of different platforms – I’ve seen a lot of spreadsheets out there – and it can become very overwhelming.”

Ethan Mayer works in Simultech IT’s Procurements department

That lack of visibility of assets, accountability for their loss or damage, and the inability to track and monitor their whereabouts prompted Bharat to look for a solution. Their spreadsheet solution “was very time consuming, very messy, it wasn’t accurate, and most importantly it wasn’t user friendly.” Ethan, from Simultech’s Procurement team, explained that using spreadsheets “never goes well. They don’t get updated, you forget about them, they’re not reliable, they can be corrupted… it’s not a great experience.” Ethan was tasked to find a tool that allowed all assets to be managed from one place through a user-friendly interface.

“I don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t found Setyl,” Ethan told us.

The Solution

  • Implement a robust asset tracking solution to support the growth of Simultech's "Procure and Deploy" service
  • Integrated Asset labels to easily access device information and directly link to Intune
  • Audit capability to easily identify missing assets from locations and departments

After 4 months of searching and demos with a number of Asset tracking tools, Ethan found Setyl and was instantly convinced he had found the solution. Using Setyl’s asset labels, with their QR code identifiers, Ethan is able to tag all equipment that Simultech procures, and link those devices to people, locations and other assets.

“Setyl helped us form a new service, called Deploy and Dispatch, and it’s more focused for remote working or businesses overseas”

Simultech are Microsoft partners, so Setyl’s Microsoft integrations, particularly with Intune, are Ethan’s favourite feature. If a client requests hardware, Ethan procures the devices and adds them to Intune. Setyl automatically detects the new devices, and Ethan can link it to its unique asset label within the platform. All device specifications and information are imported from Intune to Setyl, removing the risk of human error and saving time – a huge relief to the team that had, until now, manually keyed data into Microsoft Lists and spreadsheets.

From Setyl, Ethan can update the location, time in transit, and asset assignment of his client’s assets. Any invoices, warranties and supporting documents are uploaded along with the new asset, so everything is stored in one place. This same process is mirrored in Simultech’s EU warehouse, solving the challenge of remote and overseas deployment.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface, Simultech have taught their clients the basics of Setyl. As Ethan explained, “They help keep the system up to date, and it’s helpful for them when completing internal audits – they have access to everything that’s there.”

“It’s nice and easy,” said Bharat. “You’ve got your barcodes, you stick them on, and there you go.”

Ethan Mayer works in Simultech IT’s Procurements department

The Results

  • Enhanced customer offering has increased demand for Simultech’s hardware procurement and support packages
  • Scalable solution to asset management through time and cost savings
  • Constructive partnership with Setyl

Setyl is now a central feature of Simultech’s support package and processes, the team enjoys the benefits of comprehensive, streamlined asset management, with full visibility over assets and spend.

Immediately, the team realised the huge amount of time they’d saved. Having all client accounts and assets accessible from one portal, automatically updated through integrations with Microsoft and accounting packages, has not only saved time for Simultech, but also improved the accuracy of their records, and the reliability of their service.

And their clients have noticed. Customer relations have strengthened, which means more business for Simultech: “Now clients understand that we’re tracking their assets with the Setyl tags, and setting everything up correctly from day one, clients purchase more devices through us,” Ethan told us. ”It’s simple for us to update, and it’s simple for the clients to know what they’re spending.”

“Setyl has helped me and team make sure we have everything up to scratch, with no errors. We know what’s where, how it works. It’s easier to manage in general”

According to Bharat, Setyl’s management reports are also valuable. “Having a complete record of what assets each client has, and who they are assigned to”, means that he’s covered from a compliance point of view as well. For Bharat, Setyl’s versatility and adaptability has allowed Simultech to tailor the tool to meet different client needs: it’s “always changing, it’s always kept up to date. It’s a secure platform, and it allows us to manage our clients and our assets in a much easier way.”                                                                                                

“Time, accuracy and a great experience,” Bharat said of the results he’s seen. “You’ve got the whole thing put together!”

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