To use the Bulk Upload feature to bulk update Asset’s:

  1. Export your Assets.
  2. You will receive an email notification once the export has been processed and the file is ready for download, or go to Settings > Personal Settings > "Exported Files" along the top menu and “Download” the correct CSV file
  3. Open the file
  4. In this file, make changes to the data you wish to be reflected in Setyl. Ensure to keep the “External Link” field the same for each Asset to ensure that the Assets are only updated and no duplicates are made when you come to upload
  5. Finish editing/updating the data
  6. Because the Bulk Upload feature is currently in BETA, when you are ready to upload the prepared data back into Setyl, only copy the first 3 rows of Assets first. Head back into the Setyl platform > blue + icon > “Bulk Upload” > paste those 3 rows of Assets > “Submit. Go to the profile of each of those 3 Assets and confirm that you are happy with how the data has been entered within the fields. If you are satisfied, proceed to bulk upload the remaining Assets from your spreadsheet. Reminder that you may only bulk upload 50 Assets at once
  7. Those Assets have been bulk updated