How do I add my employees from Microsoft 365?

You must be a Microsoft 365 admin to import people into Setyl from Google Workspace. Usually, you have the correct permissions if you are able to log into

Follow these steps:

  1. Log onto Setyl
  2. On the Home page, click "Connect" Microsoft 365
  3. Select the correct Microsoft account
  4. Tick "Consent on behalf of your organisation" and then "Accept"

Your People tab will now start populating with all your Microsoft account holders. This may take some time. Setyl will process the import from Microsoft until it is complete.

Your Setyl account will now remain synchronised with your Microsoft account. When People are added to Microsoft they will automatically appear in Setyl in an "Onboarding" state, and when they are removed or archived in Microsoft they will become "Offboarding" in Setyl.

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