Please follow this step by step process to create an account and start your 14 day free trial. You can get a hold of one of our Customer Support team through the Live Chat if you get stuck along the way.

To start, visit this link and fill out your details. Click "Get Started for Free" after ticking the box. Payment details are not required during registration; they will be requested upon completion of the 14 day free trial.

After creating an account, select Settings > Company Settings from the bottom left corner of the screen to add Departments, add Locations, add Legal Entities, choose your Base Currency and Timezone.

Now you can work through the on-screen setup guide.

Step 1:

The easiest way to load your People into Setyl is by linking your organisation's G Suite or Microsoft account. Click the "Connect" button and use an account with Administrator privileges to connect your email. You only need to do this once. Any group email accounts may be changed to "Archived" status to remove them from the People screen.

With this integration active, People added to your email account will automatically appear in Setyl with an "Onboarding" status. and People removed from your email account will change to "Offboarding" status in Setyl. When you've recovered all their devices and unsubscribed them you will be able to change their status to "Archived".

Step 2:

Click on Add an Asset and select whether to add a single asset (e.g. 1 laptop) or add multiples of one asset (e.g. 30 laptops all of the same type).

You can record all Assets your organisation has bought for People or Locations. If you have a spreadsheet already, please send it to and we'll get it loaded up for you.

Assets can be assigned to People and tagged to one or more Locations and/or Legal Entities.

Create Reminders on the Company Settings page so you can record any Reminders which are required for any Asset records.

Step 3:

Click on Add an Agreement to start adding all the software subscriptions and any other third party supply arrangements your organisation has procured.

Agreements can be assigned to People and tagged to one or more Departments, Locations and/or Legal Entities.


Asset Labels are available on the Setyl Amazon store. These allow you to link your physical assets to their digital profile and allow people to notify you if they've found a lost device.