What are the Essential Things to Think about when Buying a New Company Printer?

Simplifying your decision making process when purchasing a new workplace printer.

There are lots of things a business needs to think about when buying a new printer. In order to get the best printer for your needs you will need to think about your requirements. In this article we will tell you the 5 essential things you MUST consider when buying a new printer for your company. 

1. Running Costs 

Many people will overlook this when buying a printer but even after you have paid for the initial purchase of the printer you need to consider how much you want to spend on keeping the device going. This is where HP printers really shine as they have a very low cost per page which makes the device one of the cheapest in relation to running costs. 

2. Functions

You need to ask the question of what are going to be using the printer for because if you buy a black and white only printer but you need to print in colour it isn’t going to be very useful for your needs! One of the most important things is the print speed therefore usually the more inexpensive models don’t have this so you need to research to find the best balance between cost and function performance.

3. Budget

Always an important factor for businesses is how much you are willing to spend to get a new printer. Therefore you need to ask yourself what type of paper-related tasks will you need to do within the office and what kind of quality of machine you need to get. If you need to use a lot of functions for your printer such as faxing and scanning documents then you are going to need to consider getting a multifunction printer which is likely to cost you more money.

4. Warranties

Probably the most important thing when buying a printer is the warranty on it. This is crucial as if something goes wrong with your businesses’ office equipment then it will have a huge impact on the productivity of your staff as well as your customer service. Therefore it is imperative for you to get a printer which comes with the longest warranty possible, preferably a two-year warranty. Also it is important to remember that you shouldn’t make any adaptations to your printer as it could void your warranty. At Setyl we can help you manage your warranties for all of your hardware so your business can reduce its costs. 

5. Space

Something that many don’t consider is the amount of available space there is within the working environment. In addition, the printer is going to need to be connected to a plug socket therefore you are going to need to plan where the device is going to sit in the room. Also the size of the model is going to be very important if you are a space conscious company. This means that preparation is key to getting the correct printer for your company.

There is a lot of thought that needs to go into picking the right printer for your company, as you can see above, therefore it is extremely important that you do the necessary research.

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