Setyl partners with Lansweeper for improved asset management

Our integrated set of complementary functionalities help you increase visibility and automation.
July 4, 2024

With the launch of our latest integration with Lansweeper, our two leading platforms are working together to provide our shared customers with comprehensive IT visibility and increased automation — helping you improve operational efficiency, reduce risks, and cut wasted IT spend.

About Lansweeper and its integration into Setyl

Lansweeper offers advanced discovery capabilities, allowing you to gain complete visibility into your network-connected IT, OT and IoT assets across your organization. It identifies a range of information for each device, including hardware specifications, installed software and network configurations. 

Our direct, out-of-the-box integration with Lansweeper enables you to automatically discover and import Lansweeper-listed assets, together with their specifications, installed software and assignees, into your Setyl account.

Benefits of the Lansweeper integration

By integrating Lansweeper’s asset discovery capabilities with Setyl’s comprehensive visibility into IT and day-to-day IT operations management, you will be able to:

  • Streamline asset management: Enhance asset visibility and automate daily asset management tasks, saving time by eliminating manual synchronization and data entry.
  • Increase data accuracy: Break down data silos and automatically import up-to-date Lansweeper data into Setyl, ensuring your Setyl data is complete and accurate.
  • Detect shadow IT: Identify unregistered assets and applications imported from Lansweeper, helping you to mitigate security risks and reduce unnecessary IT spend.
  • Build a source of truth for IT: Establish a complete information register for IT assets, licenses and people in Setyl. The integration allows you to sync data from your existing systems, consolidating your records and preventing information silos.
“Together, Setyl and Lansweeper offer a robust solution for IT asset management, addressing key challenges faced by so many businesses. Leveraging Lansweeper’s asset discovery capabilities, our customers benefit from accurate, up-to-date IT asset data, without any manual intervention. The combination provides greater value to our customers, saving them time and effort for a variety of IT-related activities.”
Christopher Batts
CEO at Setyl

More information about the integration

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