Compliance and IT safeguarding

Setyl defends against unauthorized third-party vendors, helping meet compliance requirements for SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certification.

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Licence renewals
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"Setyl has changed our entire approach to subscription and asset management; gone are the days of hard-to-find departmentalized spreadsheets. The clean interface empowers everyone to make sure every subscription allocated to them is required."

Josh Powell, Inspiretec
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"We love using Setyl here, as an operations team it is so great to have all the information in one place. We appreciate how easy the system is to use, we highly recommend it!"

Gabrielle Mir-Hosseini, Stripe Partners
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“Setyl has helped us move away from spreadsheets to track our devices and subscriptions, making the whole process far more efficient. The website is very user friendly. Our setup was hassle free thanks to the help of the Setyl team.”

Alice Bayley, Laka
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"Managing our assets is now a joy.”


"Superb, the company are incredibly approachable."


"Setyl is the backbone of our servicedesk."


"Huge improvement to our asset management."

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