New features for May 2024

Try these latest platform improvements to better manage your IT assets, spend, compliance and more.

We’ve made more handy improvements to the Setyl platform this month to help you better manage your IT assets, spend, compliance and more — including:

  1. Get a breakdown of IT cost per employee.
  2. Demonstrate compliance with asset archiving workflows.
  3. Link your Jira issues to your Setyl records.
  4. For our MSP and VAR partners: Manage multiple accounts from one portal.

Read on for more information.

Want to see these updates in action? Request a demo with the team.

1. Get a breakdown of IT cost per employee

Gain full visibility into your organization’s IT spend for each employee, and use these insights to improve budget forecasting with our total cost per employee reports.

The new reports provide an overview of IT cost per employee, including detailed breakdowns of asset and license spend over various time periods.

Head to Reports > Employee Costs and select an employee to access the relevant report.

Setyl IT cost per employee report, showing a total IT spend report and license spend report.

2. Demonstrate compliance with asset archiving workflows

Adhere to local regulations on asset disposal and maintain a comprehensive record with our improved asset archiving workflows.

Use our dedicated archiving workflows to archive assets without deleting them from the platform altogether. You can specify a reason for archiving, such as Certified Destroyed, Decommissioned, Sold, Lost, or Donated, and upload relevant documentation.  

This ensures you maintain a thorough paper trail of all assets and can easily generate reports, which are essential to demonstrate compliance and pass audits.

To archive an asset, navigate to the asset profile or edit window, click on the three dots in the top right corner, and choose Archive. Select the reason for archiving, and include relevant notes and documents, such as your Certificate of Destruction number.

IT asset archiving workflow in the Setyl platform, showing a drop down with archiving reasons such as Decommissioned and Certified Destroyed

3. Link your Jira issues to your Setyl records

Add context to your incoming Jira requests and maintain a record of issues in Setyl with our new Jira Service Management integration.

The integration allows you to link Setyl records (assets, people, software applications and more) to relevant issues in Jira. It also imports this information into your Setyl account — ensuring all asset and application lifecycle information is accessible in one centralized platform. 

Learn more about our Jira integration, and schedule time with the team to review how the first version works and provide your feedback.

Connection between Jira and Setyl, showing a list of Jira issues attached to different Setyl asset records.

4. For our MSP and VAR partners: Manage multiple accounts from one portal

Manage multiple accounts more effectively with our new Partner Portal.

The Partner Portal gives you an overview of all your clients in one place. It lets you access their accounts in support mode, manage your team members and their access, view invoices, and more.

Contact our team to gain access to our first version of the portal.

Setyl Partner Portal showing a list of managed organizations for a MSP or VAR.

We hope you enjoy these new updates. Are you looking for a specific feature or improvement? Make sure to submit it on the Roadmap and upvote your favorites via your Setyl account, to help us prioritize what’s important for you.

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