New features for March 2024

Take your IT management to the next level with our newest Setyl features and functionalities this month.

Discover the 5 new features we rolled out on the Setyl platform this month:

  1. Specify assets as shared
  2. Bulk update multiple records at the same time
  3. Scan QR and barcode data using your camera
  4. Manage authentication options
  5. Store more information with new asset fields

Read on to learn more about each of these new additions.

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Specify assets as shared

Differentiate between assets which are yet to be assigned to someone, and assets which are shared between users — such as printers, wireless routers, or air conditioning units.

Mark these assets as “Shared Asset” by selecting this option when assigning the asset.

Assign Asset tab open in the Setyl platform for a Cannon Inkjet printer, which shows the option to select Shared Asset as an option.

Bulk update multiple records at the same time

Cut down the time you spend on asset management with bulk edits. You can now select and update multiple records (such as Assets, People, Apps and more) at the same time.

Four records selected from a list of hardware assets, with a bulk edit asset tab opened next to them in the Setyl platform.

Scan QR and barcode data using your camera

Add asset data into Setyl more easily and accurately by using your device’s camera.

Click the camera icon shown in the Asset ID, Serial Number, Model, or Legacy Asset ID field. This will open the camera on your device (works with phones, tablets, laptops and webcams), allowing you to scan the QR code or barcode. Setyl will then store the data in the active field.

We also added the camera shortcut to all the search fields, so you can quickly search for records by scanning their serial number, Asset ID QR code or barcode.

Asset ID field in Setyl with a camera icon, which when clicked opens the device's camera.

Manage authentication options

Manage which authentication method(s) people can use to log into your Setyl account. Choose from email and password, Microsoft SSO, Google SSO, Xero SSO, and SAML SSO.

Go to Settings > Company Settings > Authentication to select one or more login methods for your employees.

List of permitted authentication options in the Setyl IT management platform, including Google SSO, Microsoft SSO and more, with toggles to turn on and off.

Store more information with new asset fields

Make your asset database even more comprehensive with our new data fields, which now also include keyboard layout, leasing information (multiple fields), memory, storage, and more.

New asset fields in the Setyl ITAM platform, including Keyboard Layout, Storage Size and more.

We hope you enjoy trying out these new features! Are you looking for a specific addition? Make sure to submit it on the Roadmap via your Setyl account, to help us prioritize what’s important for you.

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